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Hi! I love drawing a variety of characters. If you want me to draw yours, you can commission me :)

Commission Prices

Status: OPEN

All prices are listed in Euro ( € )
If you need to calculate the cost to your currency, please head here: Conversion Calculater
Prices listed are base prices and may increase depending on extra work, e.g. requesting multiple- or different versions for a commission, a complicated character design, etc.A reference sheet or images of your character are needed for me to draw them. I accept filled in bases and even sketches on paper. I'm fine with being sent NSFW ref sheets/images of characters!

Will Draw:

  • Any species of quadrupedal animal, anthro and taurs; including monsters and fantasy creatures.

  • 'Sparkle Dogs' and neon/bright colored designs

  • Some mechs, please ask! Protogens and Synths are fine

  • Nature landscapes

  • Blood, suggestive scenes and fan art

Won't Do:

  • Anything pornographic or fetish material

  • Humans or human faced characters

  • Vehicles or complex machinery (ask if unsure!)

  • Hateful topics based on skin color, sexuality, gender & similiar

  • Political content

  • Guns, Drug usage (weed is okay!)

  • Complex Perspectives

Character Pattern

Base Price15 €
Add. Character+2 €
Add. Item+2 €

A pattern displaying your character and an item. The item can be switched out for a second character at no additional cost.
Custom made to fit any resolution (desktop/mobile screens, banners, etc.)


Flat Colored20 €
Shaded30 €
No add. characters for these 

A drawing of your character of their head and part of their neck. To be used as icons on social media. Comes with a simple background.

Social Media Banners

Flat Colored30 €
Shaded40 €
Solid Color / Gradient for the BGFree
Simple Painted Background+5 €
Additional Character:+50%

A drawing of your character of their head and part of their neck. Comes with a simple background. To be used as a profile banner/header on social media.
More complicated backgrounds may require an additional fee.


Flat Colored35 €
Shaded45 €
Transparent / Solid Color / Blurred Photo / Gradient for the BGFree
Painted Background+25 €
Additional Character+50%

A drawing of your character from the shoulder up. Comes with a transparent or with a background of your choosing.

Badges - Digital and Physical

Flat Colored45 €
Shaded55 €
Making Badge Physical+2 €
Add. Holo Foil (Physical only)+3 €
Add. Custom Backing (Physical only)+2 €

Shipping Cost (for physical badges):

SizeNo TrackingWith Tracking
Small1.10 €4.60 €
Big & Medium3.70 €7.20 €

  • Small - Postcard Size - ( 11.4 x 16.2 cm / 4.5 x 6.4 inches )

  • Medium - ( 17 x 24 cm / 6.7 x 9.5 inches )

  • Big - A4 Size - ( 29.7 x 21 cm / 11.7 x 8.3 inches )

  • Sizes are rough estimations, as every badge is custom made and will have different variations of widths and lenghts

  • Includes a punched slot for lanyard clips. Lanyard or clips not included.

  • ETA for shipments inside Europe: roughly 1-3 weeks

  • ETA for shipments outside of Europe: roughly 2-5 weeks

  • Badges are shipped from Germany

Two physical Badge examples in the video above. First Badge shows applied holo foil, as well as custom image on the back. Second badge shows no holo foil and single color backing.I cannot mirror the same image as the front to the back due to printer limitations.


Flat Colored40 €
Shaded50 €
Transparent / Solid Color / Blurred Photo / Gradient for the BGFree
Painted Background+25 €
Additional Character+50%

A drawing of your character from the waist up. Comes with a transparent or with a background of your choosing.

Reference Sheets

2-Sided (Front & Back)110 €
3-Sided (Front, Back & Side)160 €
Per add. Fullbody+45 €
Per add. Extra+5 €

A reference sheet of your character. Base price includes 2 fullbodies, 3 extras, a color palette, background and text.Fully customizable and will be styled after your character's aesthetics.Extras = Closeups or shots of small details, e.g. open mouth view, closeup of hands, etc.

Fullbody (Closed For now!)

Flat Colored50 €
Shaded60 €
Transparent / Solid Color / Blurred Photo / Gradient for the BGFree
Painted Background+25 €
Additional Character+50%

A drawing of your character in all their glory. Comes with a transparent or with a background of your choosing.

Terms of Service

Please read my Terms of Service carefully and thoroughly. By commissioning me, you agree to these terms. If you do not agree to these terms, please do not order a commission.


1.) You, the client, can fill out my order form or you can send me a message on any of my social media listed on this website inquiring about a commission. Once all details have been discussed and payment has been sent over, I will start your commission either immediately, or within 1-2 days.2.) You will be sent a sketch work-in-progress (WIP) for your review. You'll then have the opportunity to provide feedback, allowing me to make any necessary adjustments or corrections to the sketch based on your preferences. I will share WIPs for the following stages: the completed sketch, finished lineart and coloring, finished background, and finished shading; and more in case I have questions about things during the process.
You may request changes for all of these stages.
3.) The timeframe for completion of a commission is around 5 days to a month, depending on complexity of the art and speed of the client's response time.4.) Once the artwork is finalized, I will send the client both, a watermarked and a non-watermarked version. If you choose to share or upload the commission, please use the watermarked version only.5.) For delivering the final files, I can send them via email, Google Drive, Telegram or Dropbox—whatever method the client prefers.


1.) I accept payment through PayPal, Stripe, or Ko-Fi, and all prices are listed in EUR.2.) The client has the choice of paying 100% upfront or paying half upfront and the other half later. The remaining half will be required to be paid when the commission's completion stage reaches 50% as well.3.) When payment is required, I will send an invoice to an email address provided. Please note that I will not begin working on the commission until some form of payment is received. Payment should be sent and received within 48 hours of sending the invoice. Failure to make the payment within that timeframe will result in the commission being canceled.4.) If the client would like to include additional characters in their illustration, there will be an additional charge of 50% of the original base price per additional character. Please note that the maximum number of characters allowed in a single drawing is four.

Custom vs. Artistic Freedom

1.) I allow for custom or artistic freedom commissions.
Custom commissions mean, that I will draw the client's character the way they specify and after their wishes.
For artistc liberty, the whole commission or parts of it are up to me to decide on what I'll draw for the client's character. Telling me about the character's traits or personality can help me nail down what to draw for them.2.) If the client chooses artistic freedom for the whole - or partial aspects of the commission, they agree that things are up to my interpretation/choice.3.) Edits for an artistic freedom commission are limited. For example, I will not redraw entire poses or concepts if chosen for those to be artistic freedom.4.) If the clients prefers me to draw something specific, I urge them to not choose the artistic freedom route for certain aspects or for the whole commission.


1.) Please look over the WIPs carefully and, preferably, provide feedback on the desired edits all at once using bullet points.2.) During each stage (sketch, lining, coloring, etc.), the client will have three opportunities to communicate the requested edits in bullet point format. If additional changes are requested beyond the third opportunity, there will be an additional charge of 10% of the total price per additional bullet list/chance.3.) It's important to note that once a prior stage is approved, further edits to said prior change will be charged with an additional fee depending on how big the change is. Small changes, such as a color correction for example, are free even after previous approval.4.) It is crucial for the client to thoroughly review the work-in-progress (WIP) and clearly express any desired adjustments to the artwork. I cannot be held responsible if the client fails to communicate their wishes for adjustments and finds themselves dissatisfied with the final result.


1.) I am committed to providing full- and partial refunds if necessary. Refunds will be based on the work that remains unfinished, and the client may retain the incomplete piece.With that being said I will never touch, use or spend any money sent by the client before the commission is finished and files have been sent over. The client's money is always there, unspent and untouched, in case of emergencies and refund situations.2.) My art consists of five stages for a shaded piece with a background:•Sketch
If the client requests a refund for a commission, the refund amount will be determined based on the stage of completion, in increments of 1/5th (20%) of the total price. For example, if you request a refund at the coloring stage (3/5 stages completed), 40% of the total commission price would be refunded.2.1) This principle applies to commissions with any number of stages. For instance, if a commission has only three stages (e.g., sketch, lining, and coloring), and a refund is requested, the refund amount will be in increments of 1/3 (33%) of the total commission price.2.2) If I, as the artist cancel, the client may decide whether they want a full refund or a partial refund.
If the client chooses a partial refund, the amount will depend on work not done (see #2 above). The client may keep any WIPs sent.
If the client chooses a full refund, they forfeit any WIPs that have been sent (see #5 below).
Please understand that the rare decision of me cancelling will be non-negotiable.
3.) A 100% refund is only possible if I cancel the commission, the work has not started or is still in the sketching phase.
In the case of a completed sketch, the client may decide whether they want to keep the sketch or not. If they want to keep it, a partial refund will be sent. If the sketch is forfeited, a full refund will be issued.
4.) Please note that refunds are not available once the piece is finished.5.) In the case of a full refund, the client is not permitted to use the artwork or any provided work-in-progress (WIP) materials, as they were not paid for. However, this exclusion does not apply to partial refunds. the client is allowed to use the WIPs as they have paid for them.


1.) I take my work and time seriously, and chargebacks are not appreciated. The client is always welcome to ask for a refund.2.) In the event of a chargeback, you agree to completely forfeit the commissioned art, no matter if completed or not. Because of the forfeit, I am allowed to use or re-use the art for YCHs and future projects.3.) A chargeback will end with me blacklisting you on all socials and potentially warning other artists of said behavior.


1.) The client has the right to cancel the commission at any time, for any reason or no reason at all.2.) If the customer does not respond to any messages for a period of 1 week, a reminder message will be sent. If the client fails to respond within the specified timeframe mentioned in the reminder message, the commission will be cancelled. In such cases, a refund will be provided based on the stages described earlier.
This does not apply if the client mentioned beforehand they'd be away for a period of time.
3.) I reserve the right to cancel the commission at any time, for any reason and a refund will be sent. Please read through the "Refunds" section above for more information.4.) Unpaid content may be reused by me for personal art, Your Character Here (YCH) pieces, or future commissions.5.) If the client cancels the commission and receives a partial refund, they are entitled to keep the unfinished work as they have paid for a portion of the commission.

Badges & Shipping

1.) All badges are printed on high quality photo paper, laminated and cut by hand2.) All badges are made in a pet-free and smoking-free household.3.) All printed items will be securely packaged and sent in envelopes. Shipped from Germany.4.) Once a shipping label has been purchased, it is not possible to change or adjust the address provided.5.) I cannot be held responsible for incorrect address information provided by the client. If a shipment is returned or lost due to an incorrect address, I will not issue a refund. It is the client's responsibility to ensure that the correct address is provided when placing the order.- - For Insured and Tracked shipments: - -
Should an envelope not arrive, I will contact the shipping company to investigate the situation. Please note that resolving issues with the shipping company may take some time, and it could potentially take a few weeks to receive a response.
If it is determined that the envelope has been lost, the client will be given two options to choose from:
a) A refund of the material and shipping costs.
b) A replacement sent free of charge.
- - For Standard shipments: - -
Because of the nature of standard shipping, tracking and insurance is not included. Because of this, I unfortunately cannot give refunds on shipping/materials or free replacements. Please only ask for standard shipping at your own risk.
the client may pay the shipping/material fee again and I will create a replacement to send to them.

Private Commissions

1.) Commissions can be kept private, and I will not upload the final result or mention the client in the description without your permission.2.) If the client prefers that the artwork remains unuploaded, there will be an additional 30% fee. This is because each upload serves as advertising and has the potential to attract more clients.3.) If the client chooses not to be mentioned in the upload, no additional charge will be required. In such cases, the description will simply state "Commission for a client."

Commercial Fees

1.) If the client intends to use the commissioned artwork for commercial purposes, such as incorporating it into monetized content or using it for profit, you are required to pay a fee.2.) Commercial use includes scenarios like featuring my art in a monetized YouTube video or using it in a Twitch stream while being partnered.3.) The fee for commercial use is an additional 300% on top of the final price of the artwork. For example:
Artwork: 50€ + 300% Fee = 200€ Total.
4.) The 300% fee covers the commercial use of the artwork, and no additional royalties will be charged.5.) Once the client has paid the commercial use fee, they have the freedom to utilize the artwork in various ways. You may sell it, make edits to it, create merchandise featuring it, or use it for any other profitable purposes.6.) Crediting me as the artist is still required7.) If you have any further questions or require clarification, feel free to let me know!


1.) I, as the artist, retain the copyright over my artwork.2.) To draw the client's character, I require a reference sheet or images of the character. I do not create drawings of characters based solely on written descriptions, even for reference sheets. Visual reference materials such as filled-in bases, quick sketches, or even simple scribbles on paper are acceptable. This helps me better understand your character.2.1) Images or reference sheets must be up to date. I don't do character designs (even for reference sheet commissions). I will not design or re-design a character within a commission unless I'm being paid extra for such.3.) I will not replicate or emulate another artist's style. If the client desires artwork in someone else's style, I recommend commissioning that specific artist instead. Each artist has their unique style, it's important to respect their individuality and artistic expression.4.) I reserve the right to use finished commissions for promotional purposes, such as promoting commission openings or showcasing in my portfolio.
I'm also allowed to post WIPs of commissions on social media.
5.) It is the client's responsibility to ensure they have the proper rights and permissions for the character or subject they commission me to draw. I cannot be held accountable if it is later discovered that the subject is not the client's property.6.) I have the right to refuse my services and, if necessary, blacklist clients.7.) The client is permitted to share and re-upload the commissioned art with a watermark to any online galleries or websites as they see fit.8.) The commissioned art may be used by the client for non-commercial purposes, such as displaying it anywhere or using it as an avatar on social media. If the client intends to use the art for commercial purposes, please refer to the Commercial Fee section.9.) The client retains all rights to their character and/or species. Ownership of the character and species remains with them.10.) The client may edit the artwork and/or add their own watermark to protect it from character theft, as long as my original watermark remains visible.11.) It is the client's responsibility to promptly save all files to their hard drive upon receipt of the final artwork. I'm more than willing to resend files, if I still have them saved on my own storages; this is not guranteed, however.12.) Clients may not flirt, vent or act inappropriately during the commission proccess. Just because I complete work for the client, does not mean we suddenly are friends, partners or similar. Clients are encouraged to treat the conversations as a business related exchange only.13.) In the event that the client is commissioning couple art and the relationship falls through while the commission process is still ongoing, my refund policies still apply. I can edit the character(s) as long as the lining phase has not yet been started. If that is not the case, an additional fee depending on the amount of edits will be charged.If the commission has long been finished and you wish to have it adjusted to have (a) new character(s), it will depend on if I still have the commission's PSD file; in addition, an extra fee will be charged for the edit.14.) Fetish baiting is not tolerated. Fetish baiting = wanting to commission seemingly innocent or questionable art without disclosing the commission will actually be fetish content. I'm not the right artist for fetish related pieces.

NFTs, Cryptocurrency, AI/ML Image Generators

1.) I want to make it clear that I do not endorse or support the creation or sale of NFTs (non-fungible tokens), the support and use of AI image generators and any involvement in cryptocurrency. Therefore, I kindly request that clients refrain from uploading the commissioned artwork to NFT marketplaces, AI/ML image generators or similar platforms and models.Doing so anyway will invoke me to enforce charging my commercial fees and end with the client being blacklisted.2.) Please understand that these measures are in place to protect the integrity of my work and ensure ethical practices within the art community. If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.

By commissioning me, you agree to the terms above.

Last updated: 11th of January, 2024.


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